Let's Get Started!

You're going to love clearing out your clutter and passing along great quality items to local families. 

We're here to show you how. 

Download your Seller Guide to get started on these steps: Gather, Sort, Price, Prep and Drop Off

Seller Guide
what we accept & tagging tips - NEW for Fall 2023

Guides and Groups

Mom and grandmother stand together, a few pieces of clothing in grandmom's hands, as they shop together for their family.

This guide will help you know what to sell (and what not to sell) at this upcoming sale. 

SEASONAL GUIDE - updated for Fall 2023

Download our Safety Guide for required waivers and the latest recall & safety information. 

A cashier smiles behind her mask as she gets ready to check out the next happy JBF customer.

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Sale Time Info

Now, when it comes time for the sale, here are all the details that you need to know!

Full Sale Schedule
(below is the schedule from Fall of 2023)

Oct 9 | Drop Off by appointment only

Oct 10 | Drop Off by appointment only

Oct 11 | Presale Day
4pm - 8pm | Ticket required for sellers and special guests
See Ticketing Page for Presale Schedule

Oct 12 | First Public Sale Day
10am - 7pm | $2 Admission FIRST DAY ONLY.  Kids are FREE and you can be too. Get your ticket HERE!

Oct 13 | Public Sale
10am - 7pm | Shop the restocked sales floor and enjoy FREE admission. No pass needed.

Oct 13 | Half-Price Presale for Staff & Consignors
5pm - 7pm  |  Staff
6pm - 7pm  |  Consignors

Oct 14 | Half Price Day!
10am-5pm | Many items are an additional 50% off Everyone welcome and admission is FREE! No pass needed.

Oct 15 | Consignor Pick Up
6pm-7pm  |  Pick up for Consignor Numbers beginning with A-M
7pm-8pm  |  Pick up for Consignor Numbers beginning with N-Z
Items not picked up will be donated to our Charity Partner

Drop Off

Schedule your Drop Off time when you buy your consignor ticket

Need to change your time?

Follow these steps or watch this video:

1. Go directly to & Log in

2. Under the Consignor Ticket - click EDIT

3. DESELECT your current drop off time and choose a new one.

4. Scroll down and save 

Pick Up

May 19th | Consignor Pick Up

Times TBD

***Items not picked up will be donated to our Charity Partner***

Early Shopping

One of the perks of consigning is to SHOP EARLY!

All consignors will receive the following presale passes at drop off: 

  • Wednesday Consignor Presale Pass
  • Wednesday Friend Presale (to share with a friend)
  • Friday evening Half-Price Presale Pass for both Consignor & Friend

Want to shop even earlier??
Join our team of temporary Employees for the sale!

We're Hiring

Want to be on our Staff Team for our upcoming sale?

Selling Step-by-Step:

Ready to start selling? Follow these steps! Need more help? Join our Facebook CONSIGNOR group where you can find lots of helpful tips, tricks and a whole community of other savvy sellers online.

A mom and her four-year-old son stand with their masks and shopping bag in front of baskets of books and costumes.

1. Register to sell at the upcoming sale

2. Buy your consignor ticket & schedule your drop off time

3. Prepare & tag your items

4. Complete your Consignor Agreement

5. Drop Off, Shop the Presale & Watch your Seller check grow!

Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing
​***Please only use PLASTIC hangers***

How to use a Tagging Gun

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

Sell the Most

Reduce and Donate?